TreeHuggerTV - Sustainable Skateboards

This week TreeHuggerTV gets on board with Comet Skateboards and learns how a sustainable skateboard company is bringing different hoods together. Comet uses sustainably harvested bamboo and non-toxic resins to make its hip pin-striped topped skateboards and their manufacturing plant uses a 10KW solar panel array to fuel the process. Comet is also a place based company and is dedicated to making a positive impact on its community as well as the environment. In addition to raising funds for a sustainably designed skate park in downtown Oakland CA, Comet has collaborated with local skaters to put on Hood Games. Hood Games 4 brought together a truly remarkable gathering of the skateboarders, parents, and friends for a full day of music, art, and of course – ecofriendly skateboarding!You can pull some tricks and flips through the TreeHugger archives this week to read more about green skating. First up is The Action Sports Environmental Coalition which is paving the way for not only for skateboarders, but also ‘surfers, snowboarders, BMX bikers, and those passionately involved in the sports to achieve lasting sustainable benefits for individuals and community institutions.’ For the skater commuters out there we’ve got the Stowboard. ‘This folding skateboard gizmo goes from a mere 11 inches folded to 31 inches when unfolded and ready to ride.‘ Then of course we’ve got TH’s favourite Bamboo boards from Sector 9 and for skaters in the UK we highlighted the Bahari Skateboard by Lush Longboards in TH Blog Love. For you dudes with a need for speed check out Dirk Gion’s Earthflyer Wind-powered skateboard. And of course everyone needs to look fly on or off their board, so get yourselves some Howies skate gear and with Beck(y) Used Skateboard Bags you can wear your old skateboard while cruising around on your new one!

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