TreeHuggerTV - Plug-In Hybrids

"I wanna have a choice about what fuel I put in my car." So says Ryan Fulcher who, with the help of Calcars, is turning his Toyota Prius in to a plug-in. It's fair to say that most of us would agree with Ryan. As he says, "Everyone wants to drive electric cars, they just don't know it yet!" So to get us plugged in to the plug-in scene this week THTV and Shoulder High Productions went to see how it's possible to shift pollution from a tailpipe to a power-plant. With Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) it is possible to get 100 miles per gallon from your hybrid. Not only is electricity under $1/gallon, but these cars are only going to get cleaner as the grid gets cleaner. As for now, even charging off the national grid, which is about 50% coal, these cars produce under half the net pollution. This is not futuristic thinking folks, this is right here and right now, as Ron Gremban of Calcars explains "We already have all the components necessary to rapidly change our transportation energy." — so let's get plugged in!To learn more about what Calcars is doing check out some more funky footage about Plug-in Hybrids on their website. Look out too for more videos on this topic produced in collaboration with Shoulder High Productions. As usual the best way to get your regular THTV fix is to subscribe to our weekly podcast from iTunes, so that you receive a new episode every week without any effort at all! You can also use the TreeHugger XML feed to subscribe. Or you can visit BlipTV, You Tube and Google Video. Don't forget to check it out! ::Calcars