TreeHuggerTV Picks: More Convenient Truths


The TreeHugger and Seventh Generation Convenient Truths video contest is in full swing (remember, the deadline to enter is February 28), and we hope to get some really creative, pragmatic, practical solutions for stopping climate change. This made us think: what other Earth-saving solutions do we have on video? Here are some picks for some of the "convenient truths" that TreeHuggerTV has uncovered.

1) You can buy greener sex toys to improve your personal health and the well-being of the planet, too.
2) The Haute Green exhibit helped showcase that "green" interiors can be sexy and modern, too.
3) Thanks to the help of Sam Suds, it's easier than ever to remove unwanted PVC from your home.
4) L.O.V.E. can bring organic veggies right to your door (if you live in LA). Doesn't get much more convenient than that...
5) We have G. Love on our side as a planet ambassador, bringing some special sauce to his lyrics about saving Mother Earth.

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