TreeHuggerTV Picks: Mobility & Transportation


When it comes to getting around, there are lots of options that use little (or no) gasoline, from those available to us today, like hybrid cars and biofuels, to those that are just on the horizon, like electric cars. TreeHuggerTV has been getting around to showcase some of the ways from getting to point A to point B while keeping it green.

1) For fueling options, check out what Lovecraft Biofuels has going on in Los Angeles.
2) Learn about the ascension of hybrid cars to the top of today's mainstream green options from Bradley Berman, editor of
3) So, who killed the electric car? Take a peek inside the film that explores why they've been systematically pulled off the roads.
4) Boston's AltWheels Festival eschews the typical green options to focus on the cutting edge of green mobility.
5) Take a ride with Comet Skateboards, who're proving that sustainability can bring different 'hoods together.

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