TreeHuggerTV: NRDC Does Bonnaroo

Oh yeah we love our eco-raps, did you spot the one in the THTV Milk episode? Well we got something real special for you today – something with that special sauce. Yes it’s none other than the great G. Love himself who is waxing lyrical for the camera about Mother Earth. In an exclusive episode filmed by TH sponsor NRDC at the Bonnaroo music festival we also hear from Dan Lashof their chief climate scientist. Dan speaks out about Global Warming from Bonnaroo’s solar stage, gets talking with the artists in this year’s line up and offers some simple green tips that everyone can do to help. Namely using compact fluorescent bulbs, pumping up your tires and using renewable energies such as wind power. NRDC are running a campaign to ‘Move America Beyond Oil’. Click here to learn more about the campaign and sign the petition which is addressed to Mr George W Bush. As our man G. Love says ‘Isn’t Global Warming enough of a warning? Stop breaking down my mother!’

You can watch this NRDC episode on iTunes and MOV, and at the top of every TreeHugger page where it is in 50/50 rotation with this week’s THTV segment. Look out for more upcoming NRDC videos in the coming weeks. :: NRDC