TreeHuggerTV: Milk Musings - Industrialized Organics & Community Agriculture


This week TreeHuggerTV is milk made! We fill up on viewer’s comments about buying green milk, take a closer look at the challenges of industrialized organics, report on Michael Pollan’s conversation with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, and take a trip to West Oakland’s Peoples Grocery. This is an inspiring community based story where young people are trying to build up a self reliant, socially just and sustainable food system. Founder Malaika Edwards tells THTV about their vision of creating access to healthy affordable food. People’s Grocery now serves 3500 customers per year in the West Oakland community.If you are still hungry there are plenty more healthy food based stories to munched on in the TH archives. Get your teeth into Walmart’s Organic section, Whole Foods commitment to local farmers, Michael Pollan’s organic writing, when to and when not to eat local and the boom in the organics industry downunder.

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