TreeHuggerTV - Jungle Love From McDonalds & Eco-Cemeteries

This week TreeHuggerTV has some unusually positive news about McDonald’s. Last year Greenpeace implicated fast food giants McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken as two of the biggest culprits in the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest. In this episode TreeHuggerTV takes a look at McDonald's new deforestation pledge and the implications for the soya industry. Usually lambasted by environmentalists for their less than eco-friendly approach to selling fast food (Hummer anyone?) it is a great relief to hear that McDonald’s are beginning to get in touch with their green side. It is just a shame that KFC doesn’t want to tag along. Also on THTV this week, Groovy Green's Michael D'Estries celebrates life after death on a tour of the eco-friendly Greensprings Natural Cemetery, where it is all about planting trees rather than chopping them down.You can as usual delve into the TreeHugger archives for more in depth reading about McDonald's contribution to deforestation and their new pledge to stop buying soy from these areas. If you are considering greener ways of going six feet under you can read more on eco-burials, organic burials and ceremonies. There is also The Green Burial Council . Then there is the question of the vessel you might wish to depart in. Nadine Jarvis's ceramic urns are a particularly poetic way to go, but if you prefer something more earthy you might like a bio-urn so you can come back as a tree, or you could try a green coffin.

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