TreeHuggerTV - How To Throw An Eco Party

This week on TreeHuggerTV we start with the first of a three part series on how to throw an eco party. We join eco-enthusiast Kachina Myers in her preparations for a house warming party at her new home in New York City. Kachina is working hard to make her home as eco-friendly as possible, recycling an old DVD player, using low VOC paint, and buying sustainable furniture. Kachina finds the perfect sideboard by designer Michael Iannone which uses Kirei, sorghum stalks, and formaldehyde free wheat board. Michael is working hard to get the sideboard made in time for the party. Watch episodes two and three on rotation in the promo panel to find out if Kachina’s eco-party was a big green success!Taking a stroll through our own home that is the TreeHugger archives turns up plenty of posts on Kirei, look here, here and here. And we are just as keen as Kachina on other sustainable materials such as wheat board. You also can read more about Iannone Sanderson Design and about how NYC is stepping up it’s recycling programme.

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