TreeHuggerTV: How to Buy Green Milk w/Marion Nestle

Got milk? Want it to be good for you and the planet? This week TreeHuggerTV goes shopping with nutrition expert Marion Nestle to figure out which milk is the least impactful on the planet and the most healthy for us. Look out for the organic label; if there isn't one then double check that the milk doesn't have Bovine Growth Hormones in it - urghhh! We continue our ode to the white stuff with a look at EcoHood's organic rap. 'Yo we're the cream of the crop and we will rise to the top coz we got the tightest farmers and they never stop!' Check it ooooooooooouuuut!

(Warning: This segment's friendly, but not vegan-friendly. Rest assured TreeHuggers, we do have joy for the soy. . .and the rice and the almond and the oat!)You can drink up some more milky info by sticking your straw into the TH archives. You can find out more about Bovine Growth Hormone and why people are petitioning Starbucks not to use it. Read up on why organic is definitely more healthy, why we need more organic dairy farms and the tough survey of organic dairies carried out to ensure they're all as pure as we think they are. Although sometimes things can be a little too pure, as an Amish farmer found out when he sold raw milk to an agent from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. For those of you who wanna get to the bottom of the glass on this topic of organic farming and agriculture you should check out Colin Tudge's So Shall We Reap, a book about ‘What’s gone wrong with the world’s food — and how to fix it.’ You can buy it from the TreeHugger Store.

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