TreeHuggerTV - Haute Green

This week THTV shows you some of the faces and ideas behind the products shown at Brooklyn, NY's recent Haute Green design show. Several of the designers involved in this curated exhibition talk about their attitudes to sustainable design and the concepts behind their work. Haute Green showed some of the best in sustainable design for today's eco-chic home, showcasing furniture, lighting, and accessories that look good and do well. We had a great ‘sneak peek’ series of posts in the run up to Haute Green. One of the designers featured in this week’s THTV episode is Todd Laby of Rhubarb Décor with his Full Slant bookshelf/coffee table. Others who evaded the TH camera include Daniel Michalik with his cork Cortiça Chaise Longue, Adapt Design with their bamboo Spring Chair, Jerry Kott and his reused bottle Glassware and MIO with their magic felt Shroom Light.

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