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This week TreeHuggerTV gets a great view from the roof tops as we join new home owners who are helping install the solar panels on their houses. The solar panel company Grid Alternatives is working with Habitat For Humanity East Bay, Sun, Light and Power and PG+E, in California, to bring solar energy to low income communities. Powerful solar arrays bring huge financial savings to new home owners in need, they say up to 75% on each bill. Victoria Malone, one of the new home owners, says working on the roof was scary first, but awesome once she was up there. Jose Buitrajo, another owner, says it feels good because they are working on something that is going to become theirs and will save them money. Not only does this community effort have clear benefits for local home owners, but it is also fighting climate change - each house will offset 40 tons of CO2 emissions. For more news about the advance of solar power you can reach into the TreeHugger archives: Solar laws in Spain, Solar Parking Meters in NYC, Home Depot selling solar, DIY Solar Power.

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