TreeHuggerTV - Enjoy the THTV archives


Hey there all you TreeHuggerTV fans, you'll be pleased to hear that thanks to our super tech wizard, Nick Aster, the whole THTV catalogue is now in constant rotation on our promo panel. So every time you refresh the page there'll be a different episode to watch. This is your chance to make sure you've seen every episode so far! We've all had so much fun working on THTV over the past year and there have been many highlights: the controversial but very funny Green Sex Toys, the scary Vampire Power, Simran on Martha, Simran on Oprah, our Convenient Truths contest and of course we won the first ever Vloggie award for Best Green Blog! My highlight was being in San Francisco to receive the award with Nick Aster on behalf of the THTV team. The team are currently hard at work putting together new THTV content - so you can look forward to some new and exciting episodes coming up in 2007. In the meantime take a look back at the inimitable Simran Sethi's first appearance on THTV when she interviewed Lester Brown about his book Plan B 2.0. A predicted highlight for THTV in 2007 is Simran's next big TV appearance, coming up in April, on the Sundance Channel, when she hosts the The Green with Majora Carter. That's one not to be missed!

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