TreeHuggerTV — Green Your Shower

This week TreeHuggerTV gets steamy with shower statistics. Did you know that in The United States people use an average of 2.5 gallons of fresh water for every minute they shower? Wow, that’s a lot of water huh! Well THTV have taken a couple of minutes to show you how you can make your shower more eco-friendly. You can install a low flow shower and save 50% of the water you’ve been using. There’s also room for more than one in there! Lather up with someone else and enjoy your shower time to the fullest! There’s more watery reading to be had at the American Waterworks Association, Waterwiser, Greenbuilder and H2Ow. You can also get all soapy in the TH archives reading about low flow shower heads. The stylish Neco Showerhead uses 7.1 litres per minute. The cosy Tiara double showerhead is designed for two! It can drop to 4.4 litres/min for the one head and 8.8 ltr/min in dual mode. Bricor's Showerhead does one gallon per minute. Then there’s the bargain shower head from Real Goods at 1.2 gallon per minute. The Aqua Helix wins the competition by using only half a gallon per minute, though we suspect this might be just a dribble.

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