TreeHugger's "Unexpected Green" Contest

As much as TreeHugger loves to support the "little guy", we understand that it is important to support the "big guys" going green as well. Even the most active TreeHuggers have to venture into the big box retailers every now and again (say nothing of the lazy ones like yours truly) and it is nice to see green alternatives when we do. So, this month we want your help in pointing out some excellent examples of finding green products in unexpected places. To enter, send a picture and description of what you found to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com. We will pick the top entries and the readers will vote on the winner. The winner will come away with a $350 gift certificate from our good friends at Earth. And, please keep in mind - sometimes the big boxers are going green in very subtle and lasting ways, not just as a marketing ploy. It is important, and sometimes necessary, to go beyond the green promotion (especially around Earth Day) and find less hyped items that are just as green. So venture in, dig deep, and send us some cool examples of these small changes that are creating a huge impact.