TreeHugger's "Old Faithful" Contest Update

With our "Old Faithful" contest getting underway, it is time to start sending us your "old faithful" items. We are looking for things that you have been able to maintain instead of replacing. Things you care about, things with character, things that have stood the test of time. This could be anything from a piece of furniture you have preserved to a piece of jewelry passed through your family tree. Whatever it is, it should be something special and timeless to you. If you think you have something that fits the bill, make sure you enter it as your "old faithful". All you need to enter is at least one picture (more is always better) and a short description of what your entry is and why you think it has lasted through the years. Remember, you need to email these to us at: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com in order for your entry to be eligible. Good luck!