TreeHuggers Make a Splash on Forbes' Celebrity 100


Forbes has released the Celebrity 100, their list of the most powerful celebs on the planet. Forbes based its list on income between June 2005 and June 2006, on the number of hits each received on Google searches, mentions in the press, television and radio as well as the number of cover photos in 26 major US magazines; we're happy to report that some high-profile TreeHuggers made the list. Most notably are one of the paparazzi's favorite couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Most of their time in the spotlight recently has been due to the birth of their child, Shiloh, but Angelina has devoted much of her time to helping children and environmental work abroad. Brad Pitt most recently made headlines here at TreeHugger for hosting the PBS series on green design (and was even on TreeHugger TV), but has also been supporting hybrids and doing other things worthy of an eco-celeb. Another notable entry on the list is the Dave Matthews Band. Though longtime champions of keeping our world green, with their partnership with Ben & Jerry's near the top of the list, they received some bad press in 2004 for an unfortunate incident last year involving a tour bus, a bridge, a boat full of tourists and some poo...yuck. We're glad to see they're back on the sustainable bandwagon, so to speak, with a big donation to Hurricane Katrina victims last year. Tom Cruise topped the list, proving that acting crazy is still the best way to make headlines in Hollywood. ::Forbes Celebrity 100