TreeHugger's Guides for How to Go Green

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It takes research to live green. Googling and re-Googling our eco-queries is a big part of how we figure out how to get the job done in an efficient, tasteful fashion. Some changes are easy to make, some are bigger tasks and take more time, but either way, we think people should be able to smoothly access the pointers they need to green any part of their lives. The How to Go Green series is a user-friendly crash course through earth-friendly living. Jump in and find out How to Green Your: Workplace, Electricity, Furniture, Wardrobe, Meals, Water, Gifts, Lighting, Car, Heating, and Public Transportation. In the next few weeks we’ll be adding articles on Coffee & Tea, Dishwashing, Recycling, Home Cleaning, Personal Electronics, Women’s Personal Care, and plenty more. If you have a special topic you’d like to see dissected TreeHugger-style, just drop us a comment below and we’ll get our green sleuths on it. ::TreeHugger’s guides for How to Go Green