TreeHugger "Waste of Packaging Contest": Enter and Win!

Enter TreeHugger's "Waste of Packaging" Contest by Monday, February 20th, and you could win a $250 gift certificate from our friends at re:modern! All you need to do is send us a picture and description of any item that you think is overpackaged and untreehugger. Find something at the store, on the street, or in your home - we don't care where you find it, just that you do find it. Once you have come up with your "waste of packaging", we want to hear how you would make it better. Tell us what is wrong, and what we should be done to fix it. Email the picture, description, and solution to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com by the 20th of February and you might walk away with some great re:modern furnishings, so get those entries in!