TreeHugger Wants YOU to Start a Green Drinks in Your City. First Up: Nashville


Green Drinks is a loosely affiliated network of eco-themed gatherings happening monthly in cities around the world. It’s a chance for folks to mingle, share projects and ideas, and meet other green-minded people in their area. More than 140 cities around the world from LA to Santiago to Delhi to Tokyo have a Green Drinks (some even have more than one! Los Angeles GD lovelies pictured above) We at TreeHugger have started scheming on how to spread Green Drinks to an even wider audience. We have no official affiliation with GD (if there is such a thing), but we’re encouraging readers who don’t have a Green Drinks in their area to start one up. I’m gonna kick it off with a Nashville Green Drinks this month (first Wednesdays). Just pick a location, a date, and spread the word. And tell us about it—we want to keep track, hear your success stories, post your pics, and report on the green gossip. :: Green Drinks
Recipe for a Green Drink:

1) Does your city have one? No? Good, continue.

2) Pick a date and a location, somewhere where they won’t mind folks coming and mingling, somewhere eco-oriented if possible (but not necessary). I picked a local brewery in Nash.

3) Set up a website. You don’t need much technical skill to get a free blog-based page going. You can use, which is free and uncomplicated. For more robust and non-free site, try ($7 a month).

4) Spread the word! Get in touch with all the local folks, schools, list serves, etc. that are interested in the environment. Email the Green Drinks homepage. And let TreeHugger know—we’ll help spread the word, too.

5) Make it happen! Have fun! And help bring sustainable thought and action to everyone!