TreeHugger TV: Episode 4 - Farm to the Table Part 2

THTV 4.jpg

"Folks don't want to be feeding broccoli which is basically just tissue, that travelled 3000 miles in a truck, to their children. That frustration or concern is what breeds action and that's how people are thinking now. They are saying, 'I am going to go to the farmer's market, oh there isn't one near me? Well I am going to find out how to start one, who do I talk to?'" This is Nena Johnson speaking about declining quality of our food, she has noticed that the situation has got so bad the general public are beginning to take action. Nena is the Public Programs Manager for Stone Barns Centre for Food & Agriculture. Last week we saw Jack Algiere talking about the importance of healthy soil. This week the second part of this series highlights the ways the Stone Barns Centre informs visitors of the significance of organically grown food. We also visit with the resident celebrity, an 800lb lazy boar named Boris.

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