TreeHugger T-Shirt Design Contest

TreeHugger readers are, on average, a very design-saavy bunch. So, when we were in need of new T-shirt designs for the TreeHugger CafePress store, we gots to thinking: what great design ideas are lurking in the minds of our readers? And, what better way to get the best and brightest ideas from you than to throw some eco-swag your way? Here's the plan - after the jump you will find the classic TreeHugger logo for your use in this contest. We want to see what cool, sleek, modern and creative things you can do with the logo, existing TreeHugger slogans, and/or any "green" slogans you may have up your collective sleeves. Points will be given for clean, simple design and creativity. And, as a reminder, all of our T-shirts are printed on white organic cotton, so make sure your design accounts for a white background. We will pick out the best designs and put them up for a vote by TreeHugger readers. The winner receives a $400 gift certificate to the online green home decore store 3R Living and the pride of seeing your creation proudly displayed in the much famed line of TreeHugger tees. Get the logo and contest details after the jump. To enter, send us a .jpg of your T-shirt design to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com along with a bit of info about your design. Entries will be taken until Friday, July 28, 2006. By entering your design in the contest, you are authorizing TreeHugger to print and sell your design on our CafePress store. So please show us the design saavy we know you have, and send in your entry pronto!