TreeHugger Star Search: Jake Gyllenhaal

We’ve caught Jake Gyllenhaal riding his bike before, and we even knew he’d had $10,000 worth of trees planted in Mozambique. Gyllenhaal’s eco-celeb status doesn’t stop there - just last year the carbon neutral movie star joined Salma Hayek in raising awareness about the effects of global climate change on northern Canada’s indigenous people. Says Gyllenhaal, "Global warming is an abstract concept to most people; we know it's happening, but we can't really visualize its effect. Unfortunately, the Inuit people put a human face on global warming, they are literally melting away. They are the canary in the coal mine."

More recently, Gyllenhaal has been making smaller green lifestyle statements: arriving at Hollywood award shows in a bio-diesel powered eco-limo, driving his own Prius around LA, and sporting eco-fashionable organic cotton Loomstate jeans.