TreeHugger Readers Tweet Us Their Earth Day Plans

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This year, we were a little curious about what the rest of the world has up their sleeves for Earth Day. After asking some of our favorite green lifestyle experts about their plans, we decided to poll our Twitter followers with the question: "Earth Day is approaching and we are wondering what you are doing: Have an innovative, green plan, goal, destination? Let us know!"

From endangered fish releases to sustainable community events to poster design -- and let's not forget tree planting -- turns out April 22 is a busy day for the green Twitterverse. We took a look at the responses, and where we could, added the real numbers in terms of sustainable impact.

1. Tree Planting

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Tree planting is an old Earth Day favorite, with both symbolic and environmental value. A healthy tree absorbs about 50 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

This year several of TreeHugger's readers plan to dig in and plant some trees. NBBJCommunity says:

We'll plant 100's of trees on Earth Day in Seattle's largest forest. Also joining REI & EarthCorps on reforestation efforts.

getyourspark says:

Starting this Earth Day, our company is planting a tree for every design job we complete - typically > 1,000 per year!

That's 24 tons of carbon dioxide per year!

2. Company Earth Day Fair

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Many companies will continue a long tradition of holding educational Earth Day fairs with educators, vendors, and company "green team" representatives. mashia6 is:

Throwing an earth day luncheon for the office with food and prizes provided by local farmer market vendors.

This not only gives companies a venue to communicate their environmental efforts but also leaves employees with valuable information on living more sustainably.

3. Presenting Environmental Projects

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Image credit: Pleuntje, through Creative Commons

Earth Day also gives schools and other groups an opportunity to show off their work. Wolff says:

I have my zoology class doing community and ecological action projects they'll be presenting at our local Earth Day.

Such presentations can leave participants inspired and fired up to implement their own conservation projects or learn more. LaVieEnRose is:

Preparing a poster on my research on energy efficient and less polluting engine parts for Oak Ridge Lab Earth Day.

4. Riding Your Bike

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Image credit: Will Vanlue, through Creative Commons

Whether you do so already, or you are newcomer to velocopedal mobility, riding your one, two, or three wheeler to work or school on Earth Day makes a statement. Jeremyridesbike says:

I will be riding my bike to work.

Riding your bike to work emits zero greenhouse gas emissions, compared to 0.85 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile for the average car. Give it a try and maybe the habit will stick!

5. Community Events

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Image credit: Washtenaw Community College, through Creative Commons

Aside from corporate and educational events, many communities sponsor Earth Day events. These events are often paired with conservation-oriented volunteer opportunities like beach cleanups, creek restoration, and planting native plants. movingpro will be

celebrating at these Earth Day events in LA!

6. Endangered Animal Releases

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Image credit: Port of San Diego, through Creative Commons

Many organizations that are dedicated to saving endangered species will be using Earth Day to bring attention to their captive breeding programs. Captive breeding allows animals to reach maturity in a safe environment, ensuring that more of them survive to mate and further their species.

TNACI says:

We are hosting a lake sturgeon release in downtown Chattanooga as part of our Saving Our Sturgeon program.

If you are in the Chattanooga area, grab you bike and head on down to the river. This is sure to be an exciting event!

All of these folks are taking the time to give back, proving the extra effort has sure-fire results when it comes to living a bit more gently on the earth.

Pablo Päster is a weekly columnist for and Principal Environmental Consultant at Hara Software. Send your questions to Pablo(at) or submit the via this form and connect to his RSS feed.
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TreeHugger Readers Tweet Us Their Earth Day Plans
This year, we were a little curious about what the rest of the world has up their sleeves for Earth Day. After asking some of our favorite green lifestyle experts about their plans, we decided to poll