TreeHugger Picks: Wonderful World of Wool


Perhaps best known for making sweaters and socks, wool (and felted wool) is a wonderfully versatile material that can not only dress you from head to toe, but help light the room, store your stuff and provide a soft place to walk, and it's renewable and biodegradable to boot. Here are some of our picks that showcase some of the things available in the wonderful world of wool.

1) Conphorm bags saves space and resources with help from an ingenious design; Carabags are another good recycled wool choice for bags.
2) Mioculture's pendant light capsules make use of two felt shades and a fluorescent light bulb to create a gentle, subtle light.
3) Stuffbump, designed by Graham Hill and eco-designer extraordinaire (and TH contributor) Petz Scholtus, is a fun, felt storage system which, using a clever die cut pattern, allows a flat piece of material to be opened up and stuffed with small belongings, thus becoming a bump.
4) Sage, by Delano Collection features a coat created with a 100% organic wool shell and a lining made of bamboo fabric.
5) Emma Gardner has designed some beautiful wool rugs which were made under the labor guidelines of the RUGMARK Foundation, insuring no illegal child labor was used to make them.

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