TreeHugger Picks: Where to Watch the Big Game


There's a big football game coming up this weekend, but you don't have to be a big football fan to enjoy the Super Bowl. The drama, the grandeur and the commercials will keep millions of people across the world glued to their seats (and hey, Kermit's going to be there -- it's worth watching just for that). We thought that as long as so many people will be sitting, you should be able to do it in comfort and style.

1) The Couch easy chair is way comfy and way TreeHugger: designed and built to minimize shipping and transportation costs and weight.
2) The Alvis Chair just might be the perfect place to watch the game, with its handy little side table for your beer and guacamole.
3) Hemp-covered and filled with shredded pre-consumer recycled scrap foam, the Hemp Big Bean is perfect for lounging.
4) For a small crowd of TreeHuggers, there's the Round D couch that's both wallet and eco-friendly.
5) The Organic Sofa, handmade from organic hemp, organic cotton and wood from "well-managed" American timber will please your posterior from pregame to post and all the commercials in between.