TreeHugger Picks: What We're Thankful For


For TreeHuggers in the US, Thanksgiving is just a day a way, so we'll take time to pause and reflect on some of the things that TreeHugger is thankful for this year.

1) From the trailer to the theater to the DVD, we're thankful for everything Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth did to help bring global warming to mainstream consciousness.
2) We're thankful for Tesla Motors, who've shown that electric cars can be hot and fast and eventually affordable.
3) That's right: TreeHugger is thankful for Wal-Mart. We know they aren't perfect, but from selling 100 million compact fluorescent bulbs to offering organic food and sustainble fish to a huge new market, the giant retailer is making some big steps in a greener direction.
4) We're thankful for Loomstate, who are still committed to showing off how sexy being green can be.
5) Lastly, we're thankful for the emergence of wave power, for showing that clean, green energy has been here all along.

What are you thankful for this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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