TreeHugger Picks: What To Do on Buy Nothing Day


As Celine noted, today is both Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. Avoiding the big sales, crowds and traffic doesn't mean you have to sit on your hands all day. Here are our thoughts on surviving Black Friday.

1) Buy Nothing Day doesn't mean living less, unless Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping has helped you "see the light".
2) The Freecycle Network is a great way to get (and get rid of) stuff without spending a dime or buying a thing.
3) Some cities and organizations are getting creative to get people involved in Buy Nothing activities.
4) We think that engaging in Buy Nothing Day(ngerous to the planet) is more constructive than simply putting conventional consumption off for another day.
5) The Swap-O-Matic is a new fun way to reduce consumption and waste in our community with a clever interface: a vending machine that allows you to give away things you don't need, and get things you like, all for free.