TreeHugger Picks: Weekend Reading


For lots of us, the weekend is a good time to get caught up on some reading. The weekend can also mean time to spruce up your pad or work on the old homestead, so here are our picks for some green living weekend work books. Remember, your friendly local library may have many of these, so you don't have to buy; if you've already got them on hand, Barnes & Noble will buy them from you and give them a new life.

1) Green Remodeling will show you how to put a new spin on an old space while keeping it green.
2) Better Basics for the Home has some simple, green ways to make your house healthy and happy.
3) Dirt Cheap, Real Good has tips for the burgeoning antiquer and other enthusiasts of reused gear.
4) Beat High Gas Prices Now! will be a worthwhile read for anyone planning a little summer getaway or even a quick weekend excursion.
5) ReadyMade's book is a great resource for the weekend DIYer; it'll show you how to make (almost) everything.

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