TreeHugger Picks: Wave and Tidal Power


TreeHugger covers a lot of bases when it comes to alternative energy; solar, wind, biogas, hydrogen and the list goes on. One of our favorite up and coming forms of alternative energy is wave and tidal power. Check out our picks for diving in to the world of wave power.

1) Get started with a primer on the different version of the technology.
2) Germany has plans for a pilot plant targeted to power about 120 households.
3) Wave and tidal power could supply 20% of the UK's needs; Scotland wants to provide 10% of it's energy needs by 2010 with wave energy.
4) The power of the tide is coming to New York as well, with six tide-powered turbines planned for the East River this summer.
5) GE sees enough potential in wave power to invest some big bucks in it. No matter how you slice it, waves aren't just for surfing any more.

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