TreeHugger Picks: Wallcoverings


When it comes to painting, papering or otherwise dressing up your walls, TreeHugger has you covered, so to speak. Wallcoverings can really jazz up your interiors, and can even help improve indoor air quality. Here are our favorites:

1) Paint :: Check out Yolo Colourhouse, or for a little texture, Tobias stucco interior wall finish.
2) Fabric :: Wallcovering textiles come in all kinds of varieties, like cork, organic wool, recycled polyester and cellulose.
3) Wallpaper :: We like the stuff that could be called wallrecycledpaper, like the DialTones wallpaper, made from Japanese phone books and the fabulous Mioculture 3-D wallpaper. Looking for something different? How about solar-powered wallpaper that automatically responds to the lighting requirements of a room.
4) Glass :: That's right; made from sand, Textra can be painted to suit your mood. There's always the more traditional glass tiles, useful for the kitchen and bathroom.