TreeHugger Picks: Videos to Use for Inspiration


TreeHugger's Convenient Truths video contest is in its last weekend; we're counting down the final days until we can watch 'em all and see who has the best example of how they are putting the brakes on global warming and gets the $30,000 in sustainable swag. For anyone who needs a little inspiration (or who just wants to take a break and watch some fun & inspiring videos -- it's Friday, after all. Kick back for a sec!), here are some of our picks for TreeHugging videos (and remember, you can always check out TreeHuggerTV for our latest moving pictures).

1) Check out the house of the future, just one of six videos from England about fighting climate change.
2) In preparation for the Sundance Channel's THE GREEN, see what host Majora Carter had to say about "Greening the Ghetto" at the TED conference.
3) For some true inspiration, watch (or read) sustainability guru Bill McDonough in one of TreeHugger's favorite videos ever.
4) Shayne McQuade, inventor of the Voltaic solar backpacks & bags, chats about realizing his green dream with his business.
5) For a little more lighthearted, but still effective, video, we like this solar commercial, which might be the best treatment of the subject we've seen.