TreeHugger Picks: Unusual Materials in Recycled Fashion


After a little summer vacation, we're happy to bring back the TreeHugger Picks column to help guide you dear readers through our archive of over 7,000 posts. Today, inspired by the recently-completed fashion half of the Umbrella Inside Out design competition, we're taking a look at some other unusual materials that make inspired choices as recycled fashion.

1) iWood's sexy, sustainable sunglass frames are made from sustainably-harvested wood.
2) Adidas uses surplus military materials to make each pair of their BW Army shoes totally unique.
3) The Condom Project offers a solution to the condom conundrum and helps start conversations and raise awareness at Toronto's AIDS 2006 Conference.
4) Salewa's Ingeo shirt is part of the line that claimed to be the first sportswear collection to use Ingeo, the fabric derived from corn starches.
5) Deborah Milner and Aveda collaborated to bring the world "lace" made from melted plastic bags and tree resin extracts and leaf dyes used to make her high-style couture fashion a little more sustainable.