TreeHugger Picks: TreeHuggerTV's Planet Cooling Tips


TreeHugger hopes the An Inconvenient Truth House Parties happening this weekend will help spread the word about global warming and maybe inspire a few new ideas on film about how to combat climate change. Until then, here are our picks for some TreeHuggerTV's ways to fight global warming.

1) Take the train instead of a plane on your next long trip.
2) Check out the AltWheels Festival for hybrid hacks and other future-looking ways to cut back on your car's carbon emissions.
3) Learn more about growing your own food with Edible Estates, and cut down on the emissions caused by hauling food from there to here.
4) Look in to Grid Alternatives is helping bring solar to low-income communities for cheaper, cleaner power.
5) Watch out for vampire power and learn to keep the energy-sucking monsters away from your home.

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