TreeHugger Picks: TreeHugger Radio's Big Name Interviews


TreeHugger Radio has been getting the green scoop in the audio world for awhile now, chasing down and chatting up some of the big names in the green world to get their take on how we can all hug more trees and generally green up our act. Here are just a few of the heavy hitters TH Radio has wrangled thus far.

1) When Paul Hawken talks, we listen, so it's great to hear his green insights in this full interview.
2) David Suzuki has been working to keep the world green for a long time; listen to what he had to say about his recent sustainability tour of Canadian provinces and stay tuned for a full interview.
3) Cameron Sinclair got double treatment on TH Radio, with an interview and discussion of Architecture For Humanity's new collaborative Open Architecture Network.
4) Daryl Hannah, one of TH's favorite green celebs, talks all about her quest for a green existence in the limelight of Hollywood, her fight to help preserve Los Angeles’ legendary urban farm,
and the evolving challenges of the booming biofuel industry.
5) Wal-Mart has made some big strides in the green world; big enough that we followed up with a full interview with Andy Ruben, Wal-Mart’s vice president for corporate strategy and sustainability.

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