TreeHugger Picks: Transformer Furniture - More Than Meets the Eye


TreeHugger loves furniture that transforms for a couple of reasons: aside from being visually compelling, it simultaneously saves and makes more efficient use of space. This makes it easier to have less stuff and be comfortable in smaller spaces, both of which rank pretty high on the list of ways to live like a TreeHugger. Here are some of our picks for furniture that transforms to multi-task and simplify interior living.

1) Jaewon Jung's modular table has functional modes for both work and dining, employing a grid structure that allows the placement of nine dual-function panels. Flip the candlestick holders, wine cooler and vase over for a flat worktable; when it's time to play, the table transforms into a romantic dining scene, complete with candles, chilling wine and flowers.
2) Akemi Tanaka's coffee table morphs into a love seat and is made from bamboo, to boot.
3) The Mogga transformer makes the transformation from table to chair and was inspired from old bread boxes.
4) These transformer tables go from 12 inches to 32 inches, providing both a coffee table and dining surface and proving that less is indeed the new more.
5) The transformer sofa provides a comfy place to relax, and goes 87 miles per hour. Imagine: no more parking spaces required -- just park it in the living room.

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