TreeHugger Picks: Tips for Green Summer Fun

Now that summer is officially here (and with it, the summer driving season), we wanted to peek at a few summer sights, suggest a green summer activity or two and try not to lose the sounds of summer. Here are five quick picks for some green fun in the summertime.


1) It's barbeque season, so it's time for many of us to fire up the grill, but which fuel to use? Some charcoal produces 105 times more carbon monoxide than burning propane, plus lots of harmful VOC's, but propane is a fossil fuel and net contributor to atmospheric CO2. Greener charcoals like Wicked Good Charcoal might be tipping the scales.

2) A Cool summer drink or two might help you not have to crank on the A/C quite so much, and drinks like Adez's blend of fruit juices, soya protein and essential nutrients or Cricket Cola's fizzy drink made from real kola nuts, green tea and pure cane sugar that purports to reduce heart disease, strokes, prevent cancer, and generally make you calm might go awfully nice with that barbeque...

3) If outdoor barbeque and cool drinks aren't enough to keep the heat down, we have some tips for staying cool without running up the energy bill, including "be a fan-atic", "turn off the hot stuff" and "stay out of the kitchen". The remaining two picks are after the jump...


4) If you're still looking for a fun summer vacation, check out (and be inspired by) what some forward-thinking students did on theirs to make planet Earth a cleaner and greener place to live.

5) No matter what you do, remember that, according to some, we are in the age of the toxic vacation", so don't forget the plane truth and that your travel has an impact no matter where you go.

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