TreeHugger Picks: The Grass is Greener...


Even casual readers of TreeHugger could probably guess our favorite color. There's an awful lot of green around here, for sure, for good reason: not only does it represent the general tenet of our work, pushing sustainability into the mainstream, but also matches the hue of some important TreeHugger materials. Inspired by the National Theatreliterally going green, today, we'll take a look at some of our picks for green, green grass projects and ideas.

1) The Grass Chair is the ultimate grow-your-own and the answer to some design problems -- where to put the garden chairs, what kind to buy, will they get rusty, be comfortable, be green, look good…
2) Julian Lwin's BioBench is created from recycled cardboard cylinders embedded with seeds using a cellulose liquid; as the grass grows, the bench is designed specifically to biodegrade into ‘a rich mulch layer’ and turn into an ‘instant garden.’
3) The Wall Grass proves grass can be used for more than crazy seating ideas, as it helps humidify and purify the air inside and even out in your garden.
4) Ukranian fashion designer Andre Tan took the idea that grass is meant to be walked on pretty literally when he designed these sandals.
5) If your weekend plans call for cutting grass, be sure to leave the clippings behind. When done properly, clippings quickly decompose and return the nutrients to the soil naturally; we recommend a reel mower (they really work!) or maybe the Enviromower Eco 500.