TreeHugger Picks: Surfs Up, Green Dudes!

Surfing and TreeHugging go hand in hand much of the time; the surfer's credo to not wreck the ocean and TreeHugger's endeavors to help folks keep the world clean are quite complementary, so it follows that surfing would be well-received at TH HQ. Here are some of our picks for hanging ten, green-style.


1) If women are going to be on top, they’re gonna want to do it naturally. If you’ve ever been suspicious of rubbing down your deck with Sex Wax, there’s now a Cradle to Cradle option for ya. Wet Women surf wax is certified as a biological nutrient under MBDC’s Cradle to Cradle program, meaning that it can safely return to the ecosystem with no adverse effects or compromises.


2) Before you wax, you'll need a board; luckily there are lots of options. OceanGreen's EcoFoil and this bamboo option are just a few. Remember, staying away from fiberglass and polyurethane and polystyrene will get you a long way toward a sustainable board.


3) When it comes to surfing gear, we like Loose Fit, the world's first carbon-neutral bike shop, who also plant a tree for every surfboard sold and have signed onto a GreenPower scheme with their electricity utility. Online, there's also the EcoSurfStore, whose profits go to help the EcoSurf Project; both can help you get board waxes, wax removers, sun creams, hemp soaps, lip balms, wallets and other surfing accoutrements. Two more picks, are after the jump...


4) Ailin helps you look good and do good on the beach. The eco-conscious company employs a good amount of post-consumer downcycled polyester, or recycled PET bottles, in its designs. It also uses recycled paper for correspondence, packing materials, and those hang tags. The Ailin New York headquarters reduces energy consumption, uses greener energy, recycles like mad, and incorporates earth-friendly design elements. The end result? You look lovely.

5) Publications like Drift Magazine and The Surfer's Path talk the green talk and help surfers walk the green walk; filled with gorgeous photography, top-notch genre writing, and plenty of adventure, their glossy pages aren't produced at the environment's expense and will help keep surfing green (and blue) for years to come.