TreeHugger Picks: Spring Gardening Tips


Now that spring has officially sprung, it may be time for many of you to start planting gardens, flowerboxes and the like in anticipation of a warm, fruitful summer. If indoor aeroponic gardening isn't your thing, here are some of our favorite resources and tips for greening your green thumb.

1) The Waterwise Garden is a great start for low-impact, green gardening.
2) Plants don't like synthetic-based fertilizers any more than we do. Feed them the good stuff, like TerraCycle Plant Food.
3) The same goes for when it comes to keeping your plants & gardens bug-free. Try organic insecticide to keep you, your plants and the planet happy.
4) Don't have any plants, but want some? Free Trees & Plants will give you some for just the cost of shipping.
5) For those with a burgeoning green thumb, but limited gardening real estate, why not try Leopoldo’s hanging basket or the Hortuba garden table.
6) When it comes to lawn care, Dave Pollard has a good mantra: "Save water, save time, save your health, save the environment. And say no to toxic chemicals."
7) Growing a green roof? Motherplants is a nursery devoted to growing plants specifically for green roofs.