TreeHugger Picks: Spring Gardening Ideas


Spring officially, uh, springs today, and, after averting a crisis with the new Daylight Savings Time switch, we have some extra daylight to begin fun springtime activities like gardening. While indoor aeroponic gardening never goes out of season, as long as you took our advice and cleaned out your garden last fall (or maybe even if you didn't), it's getting to be time for gardening enthusiasts to till the earth and get your fingernails dirty. Here are some picks for spring gardening ideas.

1) Fruit & Vegetable Garden is an excellence source of information to consult before getting started.
2) Learn more about locally evolved, grown & distributed (LEG'D) plants; they'll tolerate your soil types and weather, won't bring in any new and nasty exotic insects and diseases and have a smaller carbon footprint.
3) A business card garden is a cool example of growing green while scaling down to something smaller if you don't have room for a garden.
4) For a slightly larger container, these recycled planters are a good-looking, sturdy, and environmentally-friendly alternative.
5) Add some green style to your garden with furniture and solar birdbaths and fountains.
6) Check out last year's tips for cultivating your green thumb with green practices. Happy gardening!