TreeHugger Picks: Spring-Cleaning Shelving & Storage


The change in seasons is right around the corner, so in preparation for a little spring cleaning, here are some ways to get your stuff up off the floor and organized, TreeHugger style.

1) Duane Smith's Squat can be handily stacked as a shelf or used as a bench or table.
2) ReturDesign's Rock-n-Roll Shelf is great for customization and stick any way you want with velcro (thank you NASA!).
3) Kiri Houndstooth shelves are perfect for displaying that snow globe collection you just can’t get rid of.
4) With Iola Designs' innovative bamboo shelves and bookcases, form truly follows function.
5) Max Kistner’s durable, modular Lux-us cubes are lit with a fluorescent bulb and can be used as storage boxes, bookcases, planters, stools (cushion optional), and even as beer coolers.