TreeHugger Picks: Spilling the Beans on Coffee


Monday morning's aren't many people's favorites, and sometimes it takes a little something extra to get things rolling after a weekend off. For many of us TreeHuggers, coffee gives us that extra kick that gets the week started on the right foot. Here are our picks to get the week going, from organic, fair-trade beans all the way to the to cup.

1) Solar-powered roasters are tough to beat when it comes to TreeHugger-friendly coffee roasters.
2) Hand-crank grinders yield a super-uniform grind and saves strain on the grid.
3) We like stainless steel French press carafes for brewing up the sweet bean.
4) Iced coffee is a cool alternative for saving energy this summer.
5) A reusable traveler mug is the best bet for those who have to drink and run.

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