TreeHugger Picks: Solar-Powered Bags (and a Jacket)


Now that Daylight Savings Time has arrived, it's time to get out and derive the maximum benefit from that extra hour of sunlight every day. Most of us are busy people, with places to go and people to see, so here are our favorite ways to do solar on the go and keep cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players and even laptops charged up without having to leave your gear behind.

1) Voltaic Systems has a great backpack and assorted other bags for hauling your stuff and soaking up the sun (you can even turn it in to a solar-powered wifi hotspot).
2) Solarstyle's mini messenger bag is perfect for traveling light and using light to power your gizmos.
3) The Scott Solar SeV jacket is perfect for days when you need to recharge but don’t feel like dragging a backpack or messenger bag around.
4) The Power Purse offers solar functionality when other bags are too big.
5) Reware's bag is a hybrid daypack/shoulder bag that'll even charge some laptops!
6) Eclipse offers both a messenger bag and backpack so you can pick: one shoulder or two.