TreeHugger Picks: Small-Screen Green


In honor of TreeHugger's appearance on The Martha Stewart Show today, today's Picks are a quick primer on basking in television's warm glowing warming glow, TreeHugger-style. Don't forget to watch -- click here and enter your zip code to find out when Martha is on near you.

1) Grab the wind-up remote control and give it a few cranks.
2) Flip on your bamboo television.
3) Bamboo doesn't do it for you? Okay, how about one of the the top energy-efficient TVs or this WEEE-compliant beauty.
4) During the commercial break, check out what just might be the best solar power commercial ever.
5) After we show Martha a few of our favorite green products and you're all psyched about green on TV, read our interview with the new host of HGTV's "Green Force" to find out more about another green show coming to the a small screen near you.
6) For even more green, don't forget to watch the latest on TreeHuggerTV!

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