TreeHugger Picks: Sleeping Beauties


While it may not be the last thing you think about before falling asleep at night or the first thing you think about when waking up in the morning, where you lay your head is an important lifestyle choice for all TreeHuggers. Here are the beds that give us the sweetest dreams.

1) The Pause bed has a built in iPod dock and Bose sound system to help you contemplate the notion of "rest," and the designers plant a tree for each piece of furniture sold.
2) The beds from Enlightenment Environmental Design are made from naturally-felled trees, discarded and even donated lumber, along with basic beeswax and tung oil finishes to keep things clean.
3) Inova's TableBed helps save space and kills two birds with one stone; when it's not a bed, it's a table (and vice versa), because you don’t need a dinner table when you’re sleeping, and you don’t need a bed when you’re eating.
4) Edo-style beds are inspired by the simplicity and restrained elegance of Japan's Edo period; made from sustainably-sourced mahogany, the simple design also cuts down on materials since it does not require a box spring.
5) Woodshanti's beds, just like the rest of their furniture, are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council; add their non-toxic finishes to the mix and you just might sleep better at night.