TreeHugger Picks: Shipping Containers Do More Than Ship


The holiday season really kicks in to high gear this week, and with the holidays comes lots of food, lots of drink and lots of stuff, and that stuff has to come from somewhere. Too often, it comes from ship, train and truck in ubiquitous shipping containers, so we'd like to take the chance to remind everyone that shipping containers are good for more than just running stuff on the H2O Highway.

1) From Adam Kalkin's Push Button House to the All-Terrain Cabin, shipping container prefab is all the rage.
2) Even so, they should never be the ultimate building form, though it does signal a new creativity among architects and builders that may be more powerful than any magic-bullet building technique.
3) Freitag's flagship store in Zurich employs 9 containers rising from a 4 x 2 base.
4) Section 8 is a bar made from a shipping container in Melbourne, Australia, where the novelty seems to be proving a business success.
5) Organitech has developed an automated, high-density vertical farming module for the standard shipping container.