TreeHugger Picks: Rockers Going Green


We've mentioned musicians who are going green on tour, but they certainly aren't the only ones who are making good music while doing good things for the planet. Here are some of our picks for indie and old-school rockers, singer/songwriters and folkies whose commitment to making green choices takes a close second to making good music.

1) Cloud Cult (who have a great new album, by the way) uses 100% post-consumer recycled paper and non-toxic soy ink for their album cases, purchases offsets for all energy consumed during recording and, so there are more to hug, plants 10 trees for every 1,000 albums sold.
2) Kelley Stoltz produced a music-industry first when he teamed up with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and the Green-e program of the Center for Resource Solutions to record using 100-percent renewable energy.
3) Sub Pop Records (Kelley's label, as a matter of fact) followed suit by purchasing enough Green-e certified Green Tags to equal 100 percent of the company's energy use.
4) David Gilmour, best to known to some of us as the front man for Pink Floyd, can add "TreeHugger" to his long resume; he has returned from the dark side of the moon to release a climate-neutral album, On An Island.
5) Sarah Harmer literally walks the green walk; she recently spent a summer on the Niagara Escarpment, the 725 kilometer ridge running from Niagara to Tobermorey in Ontario to protest its exploitation for aggregate to make concrete.

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