TreeHugger Picks: Rock n' Roll Lifestyle


It's only rock 'n roll, but we like it, especially when it involves the TreeHugger things that these rockers are producing, branding or otherwise promoting. Just take a cue from these fabulous musicians; your ears and your planet will thank you.

1) Dig the latest release from Cloud Cult, the fab indie band from Minnesota. Your new CD will be packaged in a reused jewel case, and the CD inserts and print materials are on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper and printed with non-toxic soy inks by a local, family-owned print shop.
2) Check out the "World on Fire" video from Sarah McLachlan. Instead of using the $150,000 budget to shoot the video, it was donated to improve the living standards of people who will probably never watch MTV.
3) Charge up your iPod, mp3 player or other device for listening to tunes with the power of the sun using Coldplay's version of the Solio. Though not everyone can get one (it was a limited special release) we still loved their new record and love to see them promoting alternative energy.
4) Finally, dream of lazy days on the beach and good vibes all around when reminiscing about Jack Johnson's 2005 summer tour that included climate neutrality, eco-minded merch and new eco-actions undertaken by the hosting venues.

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