TreeHugger Picks: Required Reading


TreeHugger covers a lot of books, and have picked out ten page-turning tomes that'll make great gifts this year. While they're all worthwhile reading, there are a few that stick out in scope and subject matter that make it on to our required reading list this winter. If you've got some free time between holiday parties, gift-giving and carol-singing, we recommend picking up at least one of the following:

1) Natural Capitalism profiles the next industrial revolution and proposes that it will be thoroughly green and pro-business.
2) Cradle to Cradle proposes that waste = food, and suggests that things should be made from either biological nutrients, which decompose naturally, and technical nutrients, which are designed for upcycling.
3) The Eco-Design Handbook is full of pictures and key info about sexy, green furniture, transportation, materials, clothing, and more: it’s the bible of green design.
4) The Solution is You! is Laurie David's handy pocket guide to curbing climate change that's part autobiography and part activist’s toolbox.
5) An Inconvenient Truth (the book) won a Quill Book Award and offers Gore's slideshow in page-turning form.

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