TreeHugger Picks: Recycling for the 21st Century


TreeHugger sure likes recycling, but when it comes to products and materials recycled into "new" products, all too often their aesthetics leave a little something to be desired. Not so with today's picks, which are all groovy posts from our past that take recycling to new heights.

1) For anyone into large-scale aviation-related recycling, here's how to recycled a 747 into a house.
2) Many an art project has been undertaken using recycled materials. Our favorites: these gorgeous recycled metal vases and this recycled glass table lamp, and UpCycle Art, a whole site dedicated to recycled art.
3) You can't help but love the red ruler chair, painstakingly crafted from old red rulers -- that's right, no paint!
4) Nothing says "I love you" like a ring made from recycled gold or other precious metal.
5) When it comes to transportation, it's tough to beat the recycled yacht that made a go at a circumnavigational sail during 2004.
6) Book. Shelf. Get it? (it's such a fun idea, we went out and found another version). It's even available in customizable themes; order your Harry Potter collection today!